Rima Greer has worked as a Hollywood agent for nearly 25 years.  Starting with a desk job at the William Morris Agency, Rima was offered an agent position at Writers & Artists Agency in 1984. Handling both film and television talent, she became their President of Literary from 1989-1994. 

Striking out on her own, Rima started her company, Above The Line Agency, handling writers, directors, actors, and producers.  She has negotiated numerous deals with Disney, Warner Bros., Fox, Universal and all the major film studios.    Some of her clients’ films include “Backdraft”, “Jumanjii”, “Constantine”, “Prancer”, “Dunston Checks In”,  “Charlie’s Angels”, “Pulse”, and the upcoming “Nowhereland”.   

She has expertise in setting up projects with foreign financing and independent distribution.  Indie films she has shepherded include  “The Prophecy”, “He Was a Quiet Man”, “Evil Alien Conquerors”, “Slow Burn”, and the upcoming “Poker House”,  along with cable and television deals such as “Stranger in Town”, “Rescue 77”,  “Merlin II” and “Category 7”. 

Rima has participated in a number of writers’ conferences for aspiring talent at venues such as the Writers Guild of America, UCLA, Northwestern University, and  Scriptwriters Showcase.   Her successful career has taken her around the globe to international film markets and festivals, as well as many exotic film locations.  Rima resides in California with Scott, her husband of 19 years. 

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In this book you’ll find everything you always wanted to know about the, real, honest-to-not-so-goodness day-to-day inner workings of Hollywood. Not the glamorous Oscar-winning-Spielberg-Red-Carpet Hollywood. The daily grind of Working Hollywood.
For the very first time, a Hollywood film agent has opened up her phone sheet and crackberry to show us how agents, writers, and directors function in a world of producers, development executives, and studio executives. They only want to make a living, and sometimes even get a movie made.

Sometimes even a good movie.
This isn’t another book dishing the dirt about the rich and famous. It’s a fresh tell-all translation from Hollywood-speak to plain English, a peek behind the Wizard’s curtain into a culture that’s rarely captured without cliché and hyperbole.
You’ll learn how to get an agent, how to keep one, what they do, what they don’t do. You’ll learn how agents navigate through the murky politics, and even why agents are such infamous liars.

The last time a Hollywood agent talked about his job in a national magazine, he lost his biggest client, and almost lost his job. There are secrets and lies that everyone in the Biz knows, but nobody wants to talk about; lies that everyone tells so nobody has to admit the truth.
That’s all over starting right now.

This is The Low-Down Dirty Truth About Hollywood Agenting.

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