We do everything we can to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.  

Here are some of the many things we do every day to make our footprint as small as possible:

All of our lighting is LED  for lower energy use.

Our electronic thermostat makes sure we're not heating an empty store.   It's always set to 66 in the winter, and 58 when we're not here.   We use no heat at all  between approximately May and October.

Whenever possible, we purchase organic and local supplies and merchandise.   See our Organics page!

We never print anything, unless it's information we need to hand to our customers.   Even our staff schedule is on the web, so we use a minimum of paper.

Virtually all of our trash is recycled.

Scrap fabric off our cutting table is recycled by donating it to local crafters and kids' art programs.  Doing a collage?  Come on by!  Our scrap bucket is there for you to paw through for free!

Our credit card receipts are BPA free.

Our shopping bags are 100% recycled, 60% minimum post-consumer.   We'll ask you if you want one.  Better, we'll teach you how to make a pretty fabric one that you don't even have to recycle.

We offer our local rural customers low, low shipping rates, so they don't have to drive to town to get their fabric fix.  It's cheaper for them, and uses less dead dinosaur juice for us to send stuff out Priority Mail.

We reuse our fabric bolts until they're too sad and tired to hold themselves up, and then we recycle them.

Even our vacuum cleaner is bagless.  Dust can go into the dustbin without a bag, thank you very much.

We keep reusable cups and other supplies in stock so that staff and visitors don't need to use disposables.  Which is important, because we have lots of parties here.   Because, sewing.

Our company car is a Prius, averaging 42-45 MPG.   It's incredible how much fabric you can cram into the back of a Prius.  Want to know just how much?  Swing by and help us load out for our next trunk show.   We could use a hand.  We'll take a picture next time.

At least one of our employees walks to work.   One of them rides her bike much of the time.  Rima and her husband carpool to town at least twice a week.

We welcome your ideas on how we can reduce our footprint even further!